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Barrow Icicle series jetting type micro waterway CPU block (Acrylic Edition) for AMD AM4/5 platform LTIFHYA-04

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Original imported high-transparency axcrylic board

High-temperature-resistant and high-transparency imported acrylic raw materials have higher transparency, longer life, no color change, no cracking, and emittinf full of internal brilliant lighting effects.


High density jet microchannel

58mm*58mm High purity copper nickel plating base plate, up to 49 micro channels, each channel is clear bottow grooving, 4+2 asymetric (0.4mm slot width + 0.2mm interval) channel. The contact area between the cooling liquid and base plate is increased, and the heat dissipation efficiency of water block is enhanced.



Copper-nickel plated mount

As the main material of the soleplate, cooper with thermal conductivity which is less than silver, has high heat absorption and heat transfer efficiency. The surface adopts the mirror nickel plating process, which can effectively prevent the soleplate from oxidation and increase the service life.

Lighting effects show

Version 2.0 lamp belts and lap beads can produce asynchronous static and dynamic lighting effects, that is, each lamp bead can independently change color in the same period. The built-in removable RGB light components can replace the light components according to the actual needs.

Control system 2.0

LRC full-color RGB lighting control system 2.0 includes BARROW's version 2.0 manual controller and 16 channel remote controller. It can be compatible with the RGB lighting components and other independent products as well as built-in lighting components of all BARROW's 2.0 versions.


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AM3, AM3+, AM4


Nickel, POM



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