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Mayhems Biocide MBE15ML

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Mayhems Biocide is the perfect supplement to the colouring additives, the Mayhems Dye. (of course it is also compatible with other additives)

The Mayhems Biocide additive was designed to protect your watercooling system from all kinds of algae or bacteria, in short micro-organisms. Highly efficient and efficient with a period of effectiveness of up to 3 years this additive protects the coolant in your watercooling system.

Important: Despite the exceptional effectiveness of Mayhems Biocide only distilled or demineralized water should be used!

Warning: Following manufacturers will refuse the warranty for your products if they are beeing operated with the fluids of Mayhems: Alphacool, Koolance, Phobya and Aqua Computer.

How to use:
Simply give a drop into the coolant, one drop is sufficient for 1l of coolant.

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