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Barrow CPU Waterblock for Intel processors (X99 motherboard only) LTP02X-02

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Barrow multi-platform micro jet waterway CPU waterblock, using 0.3MM micro waterway process technology, the water flows through the inlet into the cold head cold head inside, laterally spaced evenly sprayed through internal baffles to the copper plate 0.3MM micro waterway in the cold head and the inner loop export via export, heat in the process of the CPU work quickly to produce a water-cooled liquid as a medium quickly taken away to complete the CPU heat exchange work. LTYK2X-03 series of cold head cover is made of pure copper, POM, PMMA and other materials and stainless steel liner combination, a variety of color schemes optional. POM material cold head, good temperature resistance, high temperature resistant brushed stainless steel front cover plate, to achieve the best balance between performance, appearance, cost-effective. X99-specific standard integrated cold head fingertight aluminum mounting screws, without complicated installation procedure, a simple pre-installation, simply tighten the four screws. Cold head bottom with 58 * 58MM large copper plate precision CNC machining, micro-intensive real 0.3MM waterways, disguising. Provide excellent thermal performance, nickel plated, made of pure mirror-polishing process. The new generation of lightweight design using cold head, cold head lowered body weight, and by the new Free back fastening methods, provide more convenient, portable user experience.

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