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ModMyMods ModWater PC Coolant- Green UV

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With ModWater Premium PC Coolant, you can be sure that your PC will stay cool and look good doing it.

The long-awaited release of ModWater is exactly what its name suggests: A PC Coolant specifically designed for PC water-cooling systems. It starts with only the best: Water purified by our professionally designed in-house water purification/deionization system. We have refined our process to produce the most pure unadulterated coolant to protect your system. Hand tested to be sure of its low-conductivity before every batch, ModWater is guaranteed at the time of bottling to never exceed 0.05 ppm (parts per million) of total dissolved solids, making it one of the purest and highest-quality PC coolants out there!

A unique blend of additives was formulated to provide the highest protection for your investment. The non-toxic formula combines anti-corrosion properties with Bacterial Inhibitor to stay clear and beautiful, while protecting the components in your system from degrading over time.

Available in a variety of colors, ModWater PC Coolant is designed for long term use in your PC.

All of our ModWater coolants are 100% made in the greatest country on earth, the United States.

All ModWater Coolants offer the best in PC Cooling and Loop Protection

– Perfect for all PC Cooling Systems

– Pet & Human Safe

– Bacterial Inhibitor + (New Formula for Extreme Cooling)

– Corrosion + Protection

– Protects ALL Metals used in current cooling systems

– PETG Tubing Compatible

– Anti-Freeze Protection (-5°C / 23°F)

– Neutral pH: 6 – 8

– 3 Year Shelf Life

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