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Barrow G1/4 25mm LRC 2,0 RGB 12V Quartz LED lighting plug – TSYDC-RGB V2

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Barrow Aurora RGB led water tank lighting components, for the interior of the water tank to provide a gorgeous light rendering effect, the overall use of composite structure support, easy to install, only need to tighten the water tank in the screw hole can be, up and down position can be.

Aurora LED Full-color Water tank dedicated light components, can achieve up to 300 kinds of dynamic and static lighting effects, such as the Aurora Rainbow, flashing, chasing, jumping, a variety of happy lights, chase, water, lightning and so on.

Limited by the light-emitting angle of LED lamp, LED circuit and the joint tube are open structure, the user can rotate the angle of the LED circuit board manually after tightening the joint to achieve the best luminous effect.

This product is compatible with LRC2.0(Aurora) controller only, can not compatible with LRC1.0 controller.

This product does not contain controller, if need controller, please purchase separately.

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12V (RGB)


25 mm


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