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Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O Watercooling Fluid 1 Litre Bottle

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Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 is the cleanest, most pure water cooling fluid developed specifically with liquid- cooled PCs in mind. It has an electrical conductivity mark of less than 0.05?S or approx 0.05 PPM at source. The liquid goes though more processes than any other cooling manufacturer on the planet. In addition to this we guarantee that the consumer will not get any better than our Ultra Pure H20.

Every drop of our liquid is tested, erstwhile going through the process and if the reading ever goes above 1ppm, then the liquid is rejected and never used. We also use food safe bottles so that there is far less leaking of plastic into the bottle. This gives the end user the knowledge that everything in our power has been done to be able to deliver the perfect liquids for any water cooling loop. There is no other water cooling liquid on the market as pure as Mayhems Ultra Pure H20.

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1 Liter




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